REVIEW: Svakom’s Cathy G-Spot Vibe

   When Svakom approached me to try out a few of their new products, I was more than happy to try ALL of them! After all, their Mini Emma Wand is my go-to favorite for clitoral stimulation. She has never failed to bring me to orgasm….EVER!!    If you haven’t heard of Svakom, they’re certainly worth checking out. Touted as a “Luxury brand”, they are one of the fastest growing companies in the adult toy industry and most definitely one to keep your eye on.    In my opinion, The Svakom Cathy is a nice vibrator for those looking exclusively… Read More

REVIEW: Blush Novelties Naughty Candy Butt Plug

   I’ve never been one to enjoy the ordinary things in life.  My flair for the extraordinary shows through in nearly every aspect of my life, from the bags I carry, to the clothes and shoes I wear, right down to the decor I’ve carefully chosen to decorate my family’s home.  It’s no wonder that when it comes to sex toys, I’m always drawn more to the Unique and Unusual…Whether it’s an octopus tentacle, an alien egg depositor, or a cool cucumber, I’m all in for giving it the old college try.  My philosophy is if it walks like a duck… Read More

REVIEW: Tantus P-Spot Vibrator

   I don’t normally feel intimidated by a vibrator, however upon first laying eyes on my new Tantus P-Spot vibe that is exactly how I felt! It’s so much bigger in person than I had imagined it to be, and honestly, I was a little taken aback. It has this large bulbous head, with a hearty 1.7″ girth and 7″ of insertable shaft, oh my!! When the hubs got home from work he spied it sitting on my desk (still in its original packaging), he nearly gasped, drew up an eyebrow and asked: “this is for you right?” Okay, that… Read More

REVIEW: Siime Eye by Svakom Wifi Vibrator w/ Camera !

Had you told me 25 years ago that in the near future, I would be able to lay in my bed and take a video of the inside of my vagina, or any orifice for that matter, with a vibrator, and something called a cell phone app, I would have suggested you put down the ole crack pipe!!! Yet here we are in the year 2016, and low & behold, in my hands, I’m holding a vibrator that can do just that! It’s called the Siime Eye by Svakom. Truly AMAZING, right!?? At first, I wasn’t sure I really wanted… Read More

Uncomfortably Numb

After a year long love affair with my Triton wand, she broke my heart…And my CLIT!! At first, we had a great relationship, but as the sands of time trickled down the hourglass, my adoration for her began to deteriorate. I knew all along she was not the one, but her sheer power intrigued me more than I can express. She lit a flame in my soul (and my twat) like nothing else ever had. But, I chose to ignore all the signals and eventually, I paid the price.At times I felt an overwhelming frustration with my lover; she let… Read More

Review: Paloqueth G-Spot Vibrator that Heats Up ! Lube Included !!

Have you ever experimented with Temperature Play?? Vaginal and anal walls are lined with hundreds of little sensitivity sensors. These sensors happen to be very responsive to temperature change. The change of temperatures during foreplay and intercourse are known to provoke a fantastic sense of arousal, which gives your entire body this incredible rush of orgasmic pleasure! Well, let’s be honest, many of us have tried the ice cube trick for cold play, and there is a slew of different sensation lotions that heat up for the hotness effect, but what about an internal heated device?? Hmm, sounded interesting enough… Read More