REVIEW: Utimi Strap On

I Love having my own Penis !!

This one by Utimi is Pretty Nice and for the price I feel like it is a Steal !! I was so excited to finally have my very own Penis, I could not wait to try it on the moment it arrived! My husband on the other hand was a tad less excited since he had no idea what kind of scenario I would want to play out with my new toy! He got away with only a few minor request this time but who knows what the future may hold!
This strap-on fit me nicely, it is adjustable by nylon straps with buckles. The front has a leather triangle that has patent leather like material that is quite attractive. It also is in a Gorgeous Violet Purple color which certainly makes it even more pleasing to the eye! The dildo is a lighter Lavender color which makes a nice contrast. It is made of a silky soft body safe silicone. Very smooth to touch and feels great on the skin. The dildo also has some nice veins to help give it a more realistic feel. Although it looks and feels fantastic to touch it is quite small, which was okay with me! I am glad I did not get a big honkin dick with this, this one is more sweet and romantic and totally non threatening. It is also removeable (it screws off) so when I am ready for a more meaty member I can replace it with a different one.
I felt really happy wearing my new dick, I admired it while I tucked it away in my panties, I stroked it gently while laying down, I even slapped my husbands cheek with it (HUGE turn on!). I felt an odd sense of power wearing it, I felt like it belonged to me, like it was mine! I think I may need to go to the grocery store tonight and pick me out a nice juicy melon so me and my new dick can fulfill another one of my twisted fantasies !!

REVIEW: Healthy Vibes Handy Helper Pocket Pussy

Realistic Look with Nicely Shaped Lips and Protruding Clit

My husband's toy collection is growing quite large these days, he now owns at least a few dozen pocket Vagina's! Afterall, variety is the spice of life, isn't it?? The reason I'm telling you all of this is so that you know that this review is not from a first timer's experience, and it is not something we bought as a gag gift either. It is from the perspective of a long term married couple who both own so many toys that we could dedicate our walk in closet to our collection alone!

So getting down to the nuts and bolts (well this one has no nuts, but that's a whole nother post!). The Handy Helper Pocket Vagina from Healthy Vibes really is a decently good masturbator, while it does not rank in our top all time favorites, it certainly is worth owning, especially since the price point is pretty sweet! It has a Realistic Look with nice shaped Labia and a protruding Clitorus. It measures a total of around 5", so chances are if your bigger then that your going to be poking out the back end hole. The outer hole and inner structure is quite small so you get a nice tight fit and some suction action going (you don't want a loosey goosey right!).

In my opinion a good water based lube is a must have with this toy, it will make this vag much more enjoyable! Or if your not into lubes (or happen to be out) why not take this in the shower with you and soapy this sucker up! The insides have some ribs and nubbing going on so you get more of a realistic feel, and is quite pleasureable.


**I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions expressed in this post are of my own.

Comes plastic wrapped and covered in powder, so your going to want to wash it before you use it. I did not find it had any strong smells, however the powder smell does stick around even after washing, but it certainly was not unpleasant. All in all a pretty decent masturbator that will bring you to orgasm without too much effort. I am happy to add it to our collection!

REVIEW: Impulsive Passion by Renee Rick Novelties

This Exquisite Vibrator by Renee Rick Novelties is Amazing !! So Unique and Totally Different from any other adult toys I own! I'm super impressed by this one! First off, it arrived in beautiful packaging, so if you're thinking about giving this as a gift don't even hesitate, it looks very expensive and is certain to "WoW" your recipient!

  It is made of this wonderful body safe silicone and ABS plastic, it is Hypoallergenic and Phthalate Free, so completely safe to use. This is Silky Smooth, feels great on the skin! It has a nice length with about 5" insertable but the girth is what gets you hooked! Thick and Chunky Oh Yeah!! The design is quite unique, it has a few defined curves to reach that sought-after G-Spot and the clitoral stimulator is thick and does a circular vibration pattern, Oh My!! This is also chargeable via USB so you never need to worry about buying batteries.

What's even cooler about this product is that it responds to Music and Touch, yes you heard me right! If you press the music button it will respond to the rhythm of music or other sounds and when you press the touch button it will respond to your touch! How Wild is that!! Love that it is also Super Quiet, so no one will know your using it!

REVIEW: Ladygasm Long Dong Dildo

Tantric Curvacious Realistic Dong !!

Of all the Dildo's in Dildoland my Favorite type of Dildo's are the Realistic ones, they are The Best ! And this one by Ladygasm sure did live up to my hopes and dreams! Before I go on and on about the wonderful length I want to mention the Awesome Curve!! Curves are Very important, we all have one, and if you really want a toy to feel like it fits you "like a glove" then it must have a natural curve to it and this one has exactly that! As soon as I inserted this generous dildo it felt like it fit right into place! And although I did struggle a tad with the massive 8" that is insertable, I was super happy with the way it felt. Love that it has a nice realistic head and the girth was about average of most men (around 1.5" or so), and that it has all these wonderful veins for extra pleasure! It also has a suction cup on the end for fun shower play or possibly to wear with a harness! I am Happy with this Dildo and feel it is a great piece to add to my existing collection!

** I received this product in exchange for a honest review, the opinions expressed in this post are of my own.

REVIEW: Liler G Spot Vibrator

To the Brink of Ecstasy and Beyond !!

    I have tried a few products from Liler  and I am happy to report that I have been pleased thus far. A Good Quality Product you can trust to be safe to use and work properly. This Vibrating G Spot Stimulator was no exception.
While I noticed it to be marketed as a G Spot stimulator it actually does more! This is made of a medical grade silicone which is a body safe material. It is very silky smooth to touch and feels fantastic on your skin. Lovely Pink color is vibrant to help to set the mood. This one measures a little over 7.5" long and is around 5.5" or so insertable. It has a great upwards curve (naturalistic to many penises) that will easily find your glorious G Spot! I has 7 different modes of vibrations so you can pick and choose what your fancy will be for that moment. The vibrations are strong enough to use this as a clitoral stimulator also. Laying on your side with your knees slightly bent with this between your legs feels very comfortable and like it conforms to the natural spoon shape of your body in that position, will certainly take you to the brink of ecstasy and beyond! For males you can also use this as a P Spot stimulator as the widen egg head and curve of the body will help to find your prostate for some hot milking action! So it really does have quite a few uses, which I find is great!
  I really like that it is USB charged and does not need any batteries! Very simply hidden hole to plug into one side and use any USB port for the other. It does not take very long to get a charge but I would suggest you charge fully to get the full power! Arrived in a Beautiful Package and Comes with it's own Sleeper Storage Bag for easy storing. It has no nasty chemical smells, in fact it had no smell at all, which is a sign of a quality safe vibrator. 

** I received this product in exchange for a honest review, the opinions expressed in this post are of my own.

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