REVIEW: Pink B.O.B. Mini Aaron Wand

Shall I add this little bizarre buzzer to my keychain ?? I really was not quite sure what to expect out of this tiny little wand ! Since it is only the size of a mini bic I have to be honest here, I did not think it would even tickle me, but boy was I wrong!! Now I feel foolish even doubting this product from Pink B.O.B. ! I should have known better since I already own a suitcase full of their products and never have been disappointed, not even once!

**Pic below is for size reference 

So this is without a doubt the smallest wand I have ever seen much less owned. Very cute and totally adorable (can a vibe be adorable?)! It comes with (2) batteries - the hearing aid type already installed but you do need to take off the backing to the battery compartment and pull out the red tab to get them working. Then simply slide up the on/off button and your ready to get your groove on! It really does pack quite a punch for being so small and I was able to orgasm clitorally with no extra effort. Great for an "On the Go" Orgasm, you know when that moment strikes that you just have to cum, and cum right NOW ! 

   It's a Pretty Vibrant Pink Color that's Oh So Stylish and Totally Chic !! There is a clear silicone overlay on the head of the wand to help protect your precious jewel from getting buzzer burn. All in All, I'm Pleased with this Mini Wand, Hail to the Almighty Tiny Aaron! You Rock my Friend !!

You can buy your own Mini Aaron by Pink Bob from TooTimid !!