REVIEW: Pink Bob’s Kip’s Prostate Stimulator

Prostate Massaging, if you are not doing it, you should!
Prostate Cancer is the second most common cancer that is found in men, which is a pretty scary statistic. This use to be only a concern for older gentlemen, but now doctors are suggesting if you are 35 and up you need to be proactive in keeping your prostate healthy and fit. And if you are younger then just use the excuse that it just feels soo darn good! Yes, whether you want to admit it or not, massaging your love gland can bring you lots of pleasure! Ever heard of that elusive Super "O" ? If you haven't look it up NOW! Besides the possibility of having a mind blowing, out of body experience, prostate massaging will also increase your ability to last longer, no more embarrassing pre-ejac's, that alone should get you thinking about this wonderous gland! So what's a guy to do? Get you a Good Prostate Massager.
There are many brands on the market, some super pricey with a designer name and some are plain and simple "junk". Unfortunately, each man is different and you will need some trial and error in finding your favorites! And even worse, once you find that favorite it can change to a dud in the blink of an eye. So get you a nice storage box and prepare yourself for some exciting experimentations!

   Today I am reviewing a Prostate Simulator from Pink B.O.B. We have tried several of their products and have been pleased with all of them. This one is called "Kip's",  he is on the small side, but not tiny, and great for those just getting into massaging. Some advanced users may like him for warming up, he is very relaxing and perfect to start with.

    Made of body-safe silicone, it does not have any chemical smells and it is not at all sticky. I like very much that this is Super Smooth (not textured but does have some design lines), it is somewhat bendable, so it does have some give. The head has a slight upwards curve so it is easy to "fit into place" on your prostate. It also has 2 little ticklers which massage's the perineum (the place between your testicles and anus, also known as your love button). Easy ringed handle so putting this in and taking it out is a breeze. Just don't expect to get super strong pulses from this, it more like nice little flutters of joy. Can't say the Super O was accomplished with this toy, however, you never know what could happen in the future.

Highly recommend this for beginners, it is non-threatening, small and easy to use. Make sure you lube well and have fun with your adventure!

You can purchase Pink Bob's Kip from TooTimid