Uncomfortably Numb

After a year long love affair with my Triton wand, she broke my heart…And my CLIT!! At first, we had a great relationship, but as the sands of time trickled down the hourglass, my adoration for her began to deteriorate.

I knew all along she was not the one, but her sheer power intrigued me more than I can express. She lit a flame in my soul (and my twat) like nothing else ever had. But, I chose to ignore all the signals and eventually, I paid the price.
At times I felt an overwhelming frustration with my lover; she let me down too often. One evening, I was so frustrated from once again going completely numb, I threw her across the room in a fit of rage! As she hit the wall at warp speed, I realized what I had done! My heart started to race wildly as I jumped out of bed to check her for damages. Lucky me, she was unscathed, not even a small crack! I immediately picked her up, held her tight against my breast and told her I was sorry, pleaded with her for forgiveness and then kissed her goodnight.

The next day, still feeling bad about my behavior, I decided to take her shopping. I found a fabulous, over the top shiny silk sleeper bag for her to rest in. Surely, this would show her how much I loved her and how sorry I was. After all, I had forgiven her on numerous occasions for her shortcomings, she would surely forgive me for the one time I fucked up. But alas, from that night on things were just never the same. Looking back, I should have realized then her power was greater than mine, but my ego and my clit were not willing to concede.

I tried everything to make our relationship work. I charged her on a religious schedule. I massaged her with only the most expensive cleaners. Heck, I even went as far as allowing her to vibrate my husband’s perineum (I knew that bitch always wanted him!). Alas, things were just not the same.

I remember our last night together like it was yesterday. As I lay on my side with my leg jacked up over my big fluffy pillow, she was nestled comfortably in between my thighs, resting her sweet little head on my love button. Her powerful buzzing was as intense as usual. She is one of the most freakishly intense vibrators I have encountered!! But this night, I was determined to show her I could "hang", and hang I did…For over an hour and a half on the highest speed imaginable!! BIG MISTAKE!
Right before the 45-minute mark my vulva began to feel really sweaty (not the good drippy joyous feeling, but all out clammy yuckiness). I choose to ignore it. At a little over an hour, I was completely numb (something I was accustomed to with this device), and 20 minutes or so later I gave up! Feeling frustrated and unfulfilled, I counted sheep until I feel asleep.
Fast forward 2 weeks later, and no matter what I did, no matter what I tried, I could not orgasm via my clit! Talk about total devastation! I thought it was all over and that was it for me…My worst nightmare had arrived. After many nights of crying myself to sleep, hours of getting advice from girlfriends, days of oral sex from my husband, nothing worked! I knew my little power wand had won the battle, and this time, I was broken. I closed my eyes, handed her to my husband and told him to hide her in a place I would never find her! I think he put her in the OVEN, LOL!

You see, some love stories aren't epic novels, they’re short stories. But, that doesn't make them any less filled with love.

***Update*** I am happy to announce my clit has fully recovered! It literally took 2 MONTHS, but she is back in action, orgasming like nothing ever happened. And I even found a new lover! Her name is Mini Emma from Svakom, and I can't wait to tell you all about her in my next review. Stay Tuned !

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