REVIEW: Svakom’s Cathy G-Spot Vibe

   When Svakom approached me to try out a few of their new products, I was more than happy to try ALL of them! After all, their Mini Emma Wand is my go-to favorite for clitoral stimulation. She has never failed to bring me to orgasm….EVER!!

   If you haven’t heard of Svakom, they’re certainly worth checking out. Touted as a “Luxury brand”, they are one of the fastest growing companies in the adult toy industry and most definitely one to keep your eye on.

   In my opinion, The Svakom Cathy is a nice vibrator for those looking exclusively for G-Spot action. However, if you’re searching for a vibe you can thrust with, Cathy may not be your best option. I’ll explain why later in this post.

   Cathy is made with body-safe silicone; she is non-porous, and phthalate free. The silicone is super silky and smooth, with a matte type finish that feels incredibly luxurious.
With an up close inspection, you can clearly see the mold lines on this vibe, but I feel nothing whatsoever, so no worries there. Cathy has a well-defined upwards curve with a nice sized bulbous head…4.5" at its widest girth!! The head itself is soft and somewhat squishy, so it does allow some give at that point. But then, approximately 3 1/2" from the head where the shaft begins to narrow, she becomes very rigid and completely inflexible. The Cathy claims to be 100% waterproof, even though she has an open charging port. I did not test this feature though because frankly, I’m just not a water chick! As a matter of fact, the only water play I’ve ever been interested in might be a quickie using that special setting on my favorite shower head!! <<< Future blog post! J

   Even though I can’t confirm one way or the other that Cathy is, or is not waterproof, she is rechargeable via USB….YAY, NO BATTERIES!! She takes about an hour and a half to fully charge, and Svakom states a full charge will give you 2 hours of continuous use at full speed. Usually, I would assume this is a bit of exaggeration, but after my personal experience with Mini Emma, I was excited to test Cathy and see how far past 2 hours she would last. The fact is, my Mini Emma will run for nearly 3 ½ hours on FULL SPEED when fully charged! And guess what… I last clocked Cathy at the 2-hour 45-minute mark, and she’s still going strong! The charge on these Svakom products will outlast the majority of my other toys, so a big Bravo for truly going the extra mile with battery power!

   Cathy comes in a pretty gift box with a USB charger, a velvety sleeper bag for storage, an instruction booklet, quick care guide, and a product registration card. You will want to register your product online since it has a 1-year warranty, plus an outstanding 10-year quality guarantee!!

   Cathy has 5 vibration intensities and 5 unique patterns, plus something Svakom calls the "S" mode. It’s supposed to be an intelligence mode that somehow replicates real sex??? I’m sorry to say that all I can tell you about “S” mode is…I couldn’t find it!! As I sat there fiddling with it, my arousal began to turn into frustration. Here goes my best explanation...Cathy has an up, a middle and a down button. You hold down the middle button for 2 seconds and she begins to vibrate. Once on, up and down buttons control the strength of the vibrations and a double click of the middle button gives you a range of patterns. Now the "S" Mode is ALSO supposed to be the middle button. This is where my confusion began, and ultimately, I never figured out how to achieve "S" mode sex!?!

   I will say the range of intensity of vibration settings is quite impressive. The softest vibration feels like a light, romantic whisper…Great to get your motor purring! As you ramp up the vibrations, that whisper disappears and Cathy will take all the way up to a hand numbing, nearly knock you off the bed vibration. The strong vibrations are a win-win for me as I’m one of those lazy masturbators who has no interest in “working" for an orgasm…That’s my husband’s job, not mine! As far as the patterns go they were just okay, nothing that rocked my world, but in all fairness, I’m not a big fan of pattern fucking.

   So back to what I said earlier, Cathy is an Awesome G-Spot vibe. The curvature and big bulbous head easily locked right into place on my spot, and the vibrations are strong enough to easily make me orgasm with little to no work. I never even broke a sweat!! On the other hand, because the curve is so pronounced and the shaft is SO rigid, any form of thrusting was simply a no go for me. In addition, I was forced to use another instrument for clitoral stimulation, again because of the rigidity.

   I tend to like my G-Spot kissed while I’m being fucked, so for that alone, Cathy wasn’t my “dream toy”. Had the shaft been more flexible, and the "S" mode less elusive, I might have been singing Cathy's praises with a screaming orgasm…I can get pretty loud!


A Big thank you to ZemLan and Svakom, for supplying me with Cathy in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

You can purchase your own Cathy right here and try her for yourself.

Let me know how to find the “S” mode, please!!

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