REVIEW: Svakom’s Cathy G-Spot Vibe

   When Svakom approached me to try out a few of their new products, I was more than happy to try ALL of them! After all, their Mini Emma Wand is my go-to favorite for clitoral stimulation. She has never failed to bring me to orgasm….EVER!!

   If you haven’t heard of Svakom, they’re certainly worth checking out. Touted as a “Luxury brand”, they are one of the fastest growing companies in the adult toy industry and most definitely one to keep your eye on.

   In my opinion, The Svakom Cathy is a nice vibrator for those looking exclusively for G-Spot action. However, if you’re searching for a vibe you can thrust with, Cathy may not be your best option. I’ll explain why later in this post.

   Cathy is made with body-safe silicone; she is non-porous, and phthalate free. The silicone is super silky and smooth, with a matte type finish that feels incredibly luxurious.
With an up close inspection, you can clearly see the mold lines on this vibe, but I feel nothing whatsoever, so no worries there. Cathy has a well-defined upwards curve with a nice sized bulbous head…4.5" at its widest girth!! The head itself is soft and somewhat squishy, so it does allow some give at that point. But then, approximately 3 1/2" from the head where the shaft begins to narrow, she becomes very rigid and completely inflexible. The Cathy claims to be 100% waterproof, even though she has an open charging port. I did not test this feature though because frankly, I’m just not a water chick! As a matter of fact, the only water play I’ve ever been interested in might be a quickie using that special setting on my favorite shower head!! <<< Future blog post! J

   Even though I can’t confirm one way or the other that Cathy is, or is not waterproof, she is rechargeable via USB….YAY, NO BATTERIES!! She takes about an hour and a half to fully charge, and Svakom states a full charge will give you 2 hours of continuous use at full speed. Usually, I would assume this is a bit of exaggeration, but after my personal experience with Mini Emma, I was excited to test Cathy and see how far past 2 hours she would last. The fact is, my Mini Emma will run for nearly 3 ½ hours on FULL SPEED when fully charged! And guess what… I last clocked Cathy at the 2-hour 45-minute mark, and she’s still going strong! The charge on these Svakom products will outlast the majority of my other toys, so a big Bravo for truly going the extra mile with battery power!

   Cathy comes in a pretty gift box with a USB charger, a velvety sleeper bag for storage, an instruction booklet, quick care guide, and a product registration card. You will want to register your product online since it has a 1-year warranty, plus an outstanding 10-year quality guarantee!!

   Cathy has 5 vibration intensities and 5 unique patterns, plus something Svakom calls the "S" mode. It’s supposed to be an intelligence mode that somehow replicates real sex??? I’m sorry to say that all I can tell you about “S” mode is…I couldn’t find it!! As I sat there fiddling with it, my arousal began to turn into frustration. Here goes my best explanation...Cathy has an up, a middle and a down button. You hold down the middle button for 2 seconds and she begins to vibrate. Once on, up and down buttons control the strength of the vibrations and a double click of the middle button gives you a range of patterns. Now the "S" Mode is ALSO supposed to be the middle button. This is where my confusion began, and ultimately, I never figured out how to achieve "S" mode sex!?!

   I will say the range of intensity of vibration settings is quite impressive. The softest vibration feels like a light, romantic whisper…Great to get your motor purring! As you ramp up the vibrations, that whisper disappears and Cathy will take all the way up to a hand numbing, nearly knock you off the bed vibration. The strong vibrations are a win-win for me as I’m one of those lazy masturbators who has no interest in “working" for an orgasm…That’s my husband’s job, not mine! As far as the patterns go they were just okay, nothing that rocked my world, but in all fairness, I’m not a big fan of pattern fucking.

   So back to what I said earlier, Cathy is an Awesome G-Spot vibe. The curvature and big bulbous head easily locked right into place on my spot, and the vibrations are strong enough to easily make me orgasm with little to no work. I never even broke a sweat!! On the other hand, because the curve is so pronounced and the shaft is SO rigid, any form of thrusting was simply a no go for me. In addition, I was forced to use another instrument for clitoral stimulation, again because of the rigidity.

   I tend to like my G-Spot kissed while I’m being fucked, so for that alone, Cathy wasn’t my “dream toy”. Had the shaft been more flexible, and the "S" mode less elusive, I might have been singing Cathy's praises with a screaming orgasm…I can get pretty loud!


A Big thank you to ZemLan and Svakom, for supplying me with Cathy in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

You can purchase your own Cathy right here and try her for yourself.

Let me know how to find the “S” mode, please!!

REVIEW: Blush Novelties Naughty Candy Butt Plug

   I've never been one to enjoy the ordinary things in life.  My flair for the extraordinary shows through in nearly every aspect of my life, from the bags I carry, to the clothes and shoes I wear, right down to the decor I’ve carefully chosen to decorate my family’s home.  It’s no wonder that when it comes to sex toys, I’m always drawn more to the Unique and Unusual…Whether it’s an octopus tentacle, an alien egg depositor, or a cool cucumber, I'm all in for giving it the old college try.  My philosophy is if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…It should be an elephant!

   I guess that's why butt plugs never really attracted me. For decades, they all had the same ho-hum, boring design…A few colors here, and three standard sizes there was about as fancy as it got. Fast forward to 2016 and ass play has suddenly shed its taboo status and is nearly mainstream…Who woulda thought!?! Seemingly out of nowhere, there is a whole slew of companies with one out of the box idea after another for your butt. All of this led me to Blush Novelties’ Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plug. Ok, it’s not shaped like a hand grenade nor does it look like a unicorn's fluffy tail, but it’s still waay adorable, and completely nostalgic, so I figured…What the heck?!? At the very least I could certainly get a rise out of the hubs with this in place.

   The Naughty Candy Butt Plug line is made of a body-safe silicone that is hypoallergenic and phthalate free. It has a silky smooth, satin finish and feels utterly fantastic. This plug is boilable, dishwasher safe, and you can even pop it into the freezer for cold play if you like. I chose the larger, bolder version measuring just over 4” tall and 1.6" in diameter. It’s a good size for those who have experience with anal play and plugs. (Take a look at the smaller sizes if you’re newly curious)

  So…What makes this plug totally unique is the heart-shaped base with a unique engraved message across the bottom. It’s reminiscent of those sugary candies we gave to friends and classmates for Valentine’s Day; how Iconic! Of course, when choosing one for myself, I had to get the naughtiest message of all…"Fuck me"! You can choose from other phrases like "Spank me", "Ride me", "Do me Now", etc. The one I received is a pretty purple/ lavender like pastel color and is totally delightful. The base is large enough that you won't need to worry about it getting lost, and it’s super easy to grip. The head bulb tapers off at the top but is not so pointy that it's annoying. It gives you a nice full feeling as any butt plug should and in combination with the superior silky silicone it feels really nice when in place. In the end, I found the heart shape to be a tad uncomfortable after an extended period of time, so I would not recommend you sleeping with this in, or wearing it to work, your cheeks won't be happy.

   I wanted to surprise for my hubs with something sexy and something fun for our next sexcapade. I could not find a more perfect plug to use than the Blush Novelties Candy Heart Plug, so off to ordering I went. Boy, will he be thrilled!! For days I thought about the exact scenario and the way it would play out. I planned it perfectly…down to a T, thus ending my butt plug hiatus...
The night of, I had to be a bit sneaky, so I sent him to the store to grab us a bottle of our favorite tequila, then I declared tonight was going to be a margarita night. That always gets him excited! As soon as he closed the door, I hurried to our room and threw on a pair of thigh-high stockings along with my favorite pair of ‘fuck me’ stilettos (Yeah, I got the fuck me theme going everywhere!!). I got all lubed up (water-based lube of course) then I slipped the plugin. I laid out a sexy, furry rug just a few feet from the front door, then got on all fours with my shiny ass sticking as high in the air as it could possibly go. I wanted this to be his very first sight as he entered the house. When I heard his truck door slam, my heart began pounding with anticipation of his reaction, and our subsequent evening. He opened the front door and nearly dropped the bottle of tequila…I’m SOOO happy he can catch. I was a really good save!!
The best part is…he didn’t have his glasses on, so he didn’t even see the message at first. Once he was up close and personal and did see the message, my well-executed surprise became a no holes barred SEXTRAVAGANZA! This night was so freaking sizzling, we both orgasmed multitudes of times! The level of arousal this toy brought to both of us was certainly more than I imagined, it was the best $20 I ever spent!

So, while I doubt this experience will motivate me to become a butt plug connoisseur, I absolutely need to thank Blush Novelties for coming up with this Awesome plug that gave us a night we will both remember for a long time to come.

You can check out this plug on their website here where you can type in your area code for a store that carries them near you.

REVIEW: Tantus P-Spot Vibrator

   I don't normally feel intimidated by a vibrator, however upon first laying eyes on my new Tantus P-Spot vibe that is exactly how I felt! It's so much bigger in person than I had imagined it to be, and honestly, I was a little taken aback. It has this large bulbous head, with a hearty 1.7" girth and 7" of insertable shaft, oh my!! When the hubs got home from work he spied it sitting on my desk (still in its original packaging), he nearly gasped, drew up an eyebrow and asked: "this is for you right?" Okay, that made me feel a little better, confirming my fear was somewhat real. So there it sat, on my desk, for me to stare at while I mustered up the courage to conquer this toy. What happened next totally shook me to the core of my being...

   A couple of nights later while laying in bed innocently watching one of my favorite shows, the hubs snuggled up to me ala spoon style. A few minutes later he starts to gyrate his groin on my ass. I then hear a very deep moan, while he buried his face in the nape of my neck. I turned my head to give him a kiss and he whispers in my ear "this one's mine"! Wait, What?? What's yours?? "Your new toy," he said. Huh? His panting started to get louder, and in my state of confusion I happen to glance over towards my desk only to spy that the Tantus P-Spot was out of the box!! I was shocked, and to be completely honest a little annoyed! Here I was prepping myself to take this bad boy on, while he is leaking what looked to be at least a gallon of glory juice all over our freshly washed bed sheets! How dare he have bigger balls than me!!! How dare he steal my thunder!! But then, in the middle of my state of pissed-offness, I realized what he had accomplished, and thoughts of him with that big toy in his booty began to get my own juices flowing. It excited me to the point of near orgasm! You see, for the past couple of years I have been completely obsessed with his ass, and our quest to help him achieve that elusive "Super O".  Nothing gets my pussy purring more than watching him tremble in bliss.


 The Tantus P-Spot, also known as The Tantus G-Spot ( the same toy, one came without a bullet vibe when they first came out but both can be used on either sex) is one of those Dildo's that makes you want to write home about! It is "all that" and a bag of chips! Made of the most luxurious Platinum-cured Silicone that has this Silky, Soft Feel. It is completely non-porous and hypo-allergenic. You can bleach it, boil it and it is dishwasher safe! Unlike their other toys that have a "gloss" finish, this one has a fantastic matte finish, which happens to give it a little more drag since it has some texture. It also has a great wavy curve right about mid-shaft which sends extra waves of pleasure throughout your body and it has a nice thick rounded base that is easy to grip. There is a hole underneath the base to insert the included bullet vibe if you're in the mood to get buzzed! 

I adore the large bulbous head with the upwards curve. It felt amazing when my partner started to pop it in and out of my vagina! It's long length was a tad much for me, but I'm very petite, only measuring in at right around 5 feet total. For taller girls, the 7" length can be utilized better. This toy is quite aggressive and skillfully shaped. It is almost like it hones directly in on your Spot with perfect precision, whether your spot is a "G" or a "P"! Prepare to squirt my friend!

For the guys who are experienced with Prostate play, I would recommend warming up with something a little smaller first, because this toy can be quite challenging. But, once you're loosened and lubed up, you just can't beat the pleasure you will receive from this toy, it is unlike any other we have tried. You get a nice full feeling with direct, bold prostate stimulation. You are certain to hit spots you never knew you had!
This toy quickly jumped ranked in our collection and is now seated in the "use very often" section of our toybox!

A Big Thank you to Tantus for supplying us with this Toy in exchange for our honest opinion.

You can get your own Tantus P-Spot toy here

REVIEW: Siime Eye by Svakom Wifi Vibrator w/ Camera !

Had you told me 25 years ago that in the near future, I would be able to lay in my bed and take a video of the inside of my vagina, or any orifice for that matter, with a vibrator, and something called a cell phone app, I would have suggested you put down the ole crack pipe!!! Yet here we are in the year 2016, and low & behold, in my hands, I’m holding a vibrator that can do just that! It's called the Siime Eye by Svakom. Truly AMAZING, right!??

At first, I wasn't sure I really wanted to explore my insides, it was frightening to me! WHAT IF… Upon viewing, I discovered an alien embryo growing in my uterus?? That would freak me the fuck out!! WHAT IF… I found some of those cauliflower shaped genital warts I learned about back in my 7th grade sex-ed class!?! Those pictures still haunt my dreams to this very day!! I think I would just keel over right then and there!! And worst case scenario, WHAT IF I discovered that one of those RFDI chips had been implanted in my vagina while going for a routine pap smear, because my gyno was secretly working for the government?? DAMN!!! I'd have to give up my haute couture collection of sexy undies, and be forced to wear ugly, itchy, signal-blocking, Granny-Panties for the rest of my life! The endless array of "what if's" filled my manic brain, and it was just too much for me to handle! So, after days of going back and forth, trying to decide whether or not to review this product, in the end, just like my precious cat Fluffy, my curiosity was greater than my fear, and I gave in...

So here it is, one of the most novel ideas in vibrators today… The Siime Eye from Svakom.  We've come a long way baby!  I already own their Mini Emma wand, and she is my ‘go to’ for clit edging (Yes, I promise a post on training the clit real soon!).  Still, even though I knew I would be getting a quality product, I just wasn't sure I would be amused.

The Siime Eye is made from a body safe silicone.  She’s silky smooth and has no chemical smell.  Siime Eye is insertable to a little over 4" and the total length is around 8", but she’s not a super girthy vibe, measuring in at only 1.25" diameter.  She charges via USB which takes around 2 hours…BUT, that charge will last almost 3 hours, even on high speed!  If that’s not impressive enough, it has 5 different modes of operation, with different speeds and patterns, and is completely submersible and waterproof!  Siime Eye has a WiFi enabled, internal camera with a built-in LED light.  The camera has a macro lens, so it’s perfect for viewing things close-up…really close up if you want!  Pictures and video are transmitted wirelessly to any smart phone, tablet or computer.  There’s also an App you can download, allowing you full control over the video and photo functions, and I like the fact that it can connect to more than one device simultaneously.  You just better make sure the device is encrypted!  Losing a phone is devastating enough without worrying about your Siime Eye video!!

Upon reviewing the Siime Eye, my reaction to this product is far from what I imagined it would be.  I'm actually quite fascinated by it, and pretty impressed to say the least!  Yes, I was a little nervous at first, but after realizing my insides were perfectly normal, I was able to have some real fun with it.  The quality of the video/pictures is very good; yes you can really see what’s in there!  Be prepared to open your legs and spread ‘em wide because in order to get a good view, you need to make it roomy in there.  If you happen to have a speculum lying around, use it.  You’ll be able to see even more!   But, even though I don't have one, and I didn’t feel like sanitizing my kitchen tongs (Yes, I considered it!)  All in all, I am happy with what I did see. 


Another option is to use Siime Eye to view your anal cavity, or even external parts for close up shots you may want to investigate.  A close up of my clit was interesting enough for me!  As far as the vibrations on the Siime Eye, they did not blow me away, but I wasn't displeased either!  Honestly, I really wasn't paying too much attention to getting off.  I mean; it has a flipping camera damnit!  My point is, for me, and most likely everybody else, the camera is this products main attraction. I am so happy I decided to give it a try and proud to call it part of my collection! It's totally worth owning and tons of fun!


I’m predicting some hot Doctor - Patient Role Play action with my partner in the very near future using my Siime Eye, and I’m DEFINITELY excited about that!! 

Uncomfortably Numb

After a year long love affair with my Triton wand, she broke my heart…And my CLIT!! At first, we had a great relationship, but as the sands of time trickled down the hourglass, my adoration for her began to deteriorate.

I knew all along she was not the one, but her sheer power intrigued me more than I can express. She lit a flame in my soul (and my twat) like nothing else ever had. But, I chose to ignore all the signals and eventually, I paid the price.
At times I felt an overwhelming frustration with my lover; she let me down too often. One evening, I was so frustrated from once again going completely numb, I threw her across the room in a fit of rage! As she hit the wall at warp speed, I realized what I had done! My heart started to race wildly as I jumped out of bed to check her for damages. Lucky me, she was unscathed, not even a small crack! I immediately picked her up, held her tight against my breast and told her I was sorry, pleaded with her for forgiveness and then kissed her goodnight.

The next day, still feeling bad about my behavior, I decided to take her shopping. I found a fabulous, over the top shiny silk sleeper bag for her to rest in. Surely, this would show her how much I loved her and how sorry I was. After all, I had forgiven her on numerous occasions for her shortcomings, she would surely forgive me for the one time I fucked up. But alas, from that night on things were just never the same. Looking back, I should have realized then her power was greater than mine, but my ego and my clit were not willing to concede.

I tried everything to make our relationship work. I charged her on a religious schedule. I massaged her with only the most expensive cleaners. Heck, I even went as far as allowing her to vibrate my husband’s perineum (I knew that bitch always wanted him!). Alas, things were just not the same.

I remember our last night together like it was yesterday. As I lay on my side with my leg jacked up over my big fluffy pillow, she was nestled comfortably in between my thighs, resting her sweet little head on my love button. Her powerful buzzing was as intense as usual. She is one of the most freakishly intense vibrators I have encountered!! But this night, I was determined to show her I could "hang", and hang I did…For over an hour and a half on the highest speed imaginable!! BIG MISTAKE!
Right before the 45-minute mark my vulva began to feel really sweaty (not the good drippy joyous feeling, but all out clammy yuckiness). I choose to ignore it. At a little over an hour, I was completely numb (something I was accustomed to with this device), and 20 minutes or so later I gave up! Feeling frustrated and unfulfilled, I counted sheep until I feel asleep.
Fast forward 2 weeks later, and no matter what I did, no matter what I tried, I could not orgasm via my clit! Talk about total devastation! I thought it was all over and that was it for me…My worst nightmare had arrived. After many nights of crying myself to sleep, hours of getting advice from girlfriends, days of oral sex from my husband, nothing worked! I knew my little power wand had won the battle, and this time, I was broken. I closed my eyes, handed her to my husband and told him to hide her in a place I would never find her! I think he put her in the OVEN, LOL!

You see, some love stories aren't epic novels, they’re short stories. But, that doesn't make them any less filled with love.

***Update*** I am happy to announce my clit has fully recovered! It literally took 2 MONTHS, but she is back in action, orgasming like nothing ever happened. And I even found a new lover! Her name is Mini Emma from Svakom, and I can't wait to tell you all about her in my next review. Stay Tuned !

Review: Paloqueth G-Spot Vibrator that Heats Up ! Lube Included !!

Have you ever experimented with Temperature Play?? Vaginal and anal walls are lined with hundreds of little sensitivity sensors. These sensors happen to be very responsive to temperature change. The change of temperatures during foreplay and intercourse are known to provoke a fantastic sense of arousal, which gives your entire body this incredible rush of orgasmic pleasure!

Well, let's be honest, many of us have tried the ice cube trick for cold play, and there is a slew of different sensation lotions that heat up for the hotness effect, but what about an internal heated device?? Hmm, sounded interesting enough for me and certainly worth giving it a try, and so I did with this Awesome toy by Paloqueth !

Now, let's set aside the fact that this baby heats up for a moment. Upon opening the box I immediately knew that this was going to be a Great Vibe and one I would truly enjoy! Made of a super silky soft body safe silicone in my favorite girly pink color. It is insertable up to about 6", which is just the right length and has a great girth of over 1.5" (no pencil penis feeling here!). It is ergonomically contoured with an upwards curve for hot G-Spot stimulation. It also has a very nice wide clitoral stimulator to send you over the edge of ecstasy! This Vibrator has a Dual Motor, one for the shaft and one for the clitoris, which you can adjust speeds and modes independently! How Awesome is that!! There are 18 different modes in all so you have a plethora of choices. The motors on this toy are quite strong and I was able to achieve orgasmic bliss in no time at all! I Love that this is USB charged, no worries about running out of batteries, simply plug this into any USB device for a couple of hours beforehand and you're ready to go! I'm not sure how long the charge last for, but it outlasted me, so Bravo! Now onto the important part, the heating element! It takes about 3 minutes or so to get the heating element to warm up to max temp which is around 99.5 F. Yes, it only heats up to a couple of degree's higher than your average body temp, but is noticeably nice. While it did not totally wow me, it certainly added to the feeling of being touched by another human being. One of reason's why I always proclaim that no vibe could ever replace a real man. However, with this warming element, it came as close to feeling like human contact as a piece of silicone possibly could. It did not disappoint and has already been added to my bag of favorites. 

This Vibe comes in a nice gift box which also includes a USB charging cable and a bottle of their brand name water-based Lube! Their Lube is silky slippery, stays wet and works great for use on all adult toys. The All in all this Vibe has all the accouterments of luxury without leaving your wallet empty.

Be Sure to check out their website at

and here :