REVIEW: Liler G Spot Vibrator

To the Brink of Ecstasy and Beyond !!

    I have tried a few products from Liler  and I am happy to report that I have been pleased thus far. A Good Quality Product you can trust to be safe to use and work properly. This Vibrating G Spot Stimulator was no exception.
While I noticed it to be marketed as a G Spot stimulator it actually does more! This is made of a medical grade silicone which is a body safe material. It is very silky smooth to touch and feels fantastic on your skin. Lovely Pink color is vibrant to help to set the mood. This one measures a little over 7.5" long and is around 5.5" or so insertable. It has a great upwards curve (naturalistic to many penises) that will easily find your glorious G Spot! I has 7 different modes of vibrations so you can pick and choose what your fancy will be for that moment. The vibrations are strong enough to use this as a clitoral stimulator also. Laying on your side with your knees slightly bent with this between your legs feels very comfortable and like it conforms to the natural spoon shape of your body in that position, will certainly take you to the brink of ecstasy and beyond! For males you can also use this as a P Spot stimulator as the widen egg head and curve of the body will help to find your prostate for some hot milking action! So it really does have quite a few uses, which I find is great!
  I really like that it is USB charged and does not need any batteries! Very simply hidden hole to plug into one side and use any USB port for the other. It does not take very long to get a charge but I would suggest you charge fully to get the full power! Arrived in a Beautiful Package and Comes with it's own Sleeper Storage Bag for easy storing. It has no nasty chemical smells, in fact it had no smell at all, which is a sign of a quality safe vibrator. 

** I received this product in exchange for a honest review, the opinions expressed in this post are of my own.

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