REVIEW: Utimi Strap On

I Love having my own Penis !!

This one by Utimi is Pretty Nice and for the price I feel like it is a Steal !! I was so excited to finally have my very own Penis, I could not wait to try it on the moment it arrived! My husband on the other hand was a tad less excited since he had no idea what kind of scenario I would want to play out with my new toy! He got away with only a few minor request this time but who knows what the future may hold!
This strap-on fit me nicely, it is adjustable by nylon straps with buckles. The front has a leather triangle that has patent leather like material that is quite attractive. It also is in a Gorgeous Violet Purple color which certainly makes it even more pleasing to the eye! The dildo is a lighter Lavender color which makes a nice contrast. It is made of a silky soft body safe silicone. Very smooth to touch and feels great on the skin. The dildo also has some nice veins to help give it a more realistic feel. Although it looks and feels fantastic to touch it is quite small, which was okay with me! I am glad I did not get a big honkin dick with this, this one is more sweet and romantic and totally non threatening. It is also removeable (it screws off) so when I am ready for a more meaty member I can replace it with a different one.
I felt really happy wearing my new dick, I admired it while I tucked it away in my panties, I stroked it gently while laying down, I even slapped my husbands cheek with it (HUGE turn on!). I felt an odd sense of power wearing it, I felt like it belonged to me, like it was mine! I think I may need to go to the grocery store tonight and pick me out a nice juicy melon so me and my new dick can fulfill another one of my twisted fantasies !!

REVIEW: Ladygasm Long Dong Dildo

Tantric Curvacious Realistic Dong !!

Of all the Dildo's in Dildoland my Favorite type of Dildo's are the Realistic ones, they are The Best ! And this one by Ladygasm sure did live up to my hopes and dreams! Before I go on and on about the wonderful length I want to mention the Awesome Curve!! Curves are Very important, we all have one, and if you really want a toy to feel like it fits you "like a glove" then it must have a natural curve to it and this one has exactly that! As soon as I inserted this generous dildo it felt like it fit right into place! And although I did struggle a tad with the massive 8" that is insertable, I was super happy with the way it felt. Love that it has a nice realistic head and the girth was about average of most men (around 1.5" or so), and that it has all these wonderful veins for extra pleasure! It also has a suction cup on the end for fun shower play or possibly to wear with a harness! I am Happy with this Dildo and feel it is a great piece to add to my existing collection!

** I received this product in exchange for a honest review, the opinions expressed in this post are of my own.