REVIEW: Tantus P-Spot Vibrator

   I don't normally feel intimidated by a vibrator, however upon first laying eyes on my new Tantus P-Spot vibe that is exactly how I felt! It's so much bigger in person than I had imagined it to be, and honestly, I was a little taken aback. It has this large bulbous head, with a hearty 1.7" girth and 7" of insertable shaft, oh my!! When the hubs got home from work he spied it sitting on my desk (still in its original packaging), he nearly gasped, drew up an eyebrow and asked: "this is for you right?" Okay, that made me feel a little better, confirming my fear was somewhat real. So there it sat, on my desk, for me to stare at while I mustered up the courage to conquer this toy. What happened next totally shook me to the core of my being...

   A couple of nights later while laying in bed innocently watching one of my favorite shows, the hubs snuggled up to me ala spoon style. A few minutes later he starts to gyrate his groin on my ass. I then hear a very deep moan, while he buried his face in the nape of my neck. I turned my head to give him a kiss and he whispers in my ear "this one's mine"! Wait, What?? What's yours?? "Your new toy," he said. Huh? His panting started to get louder, and in my state of confusion I happen to glance over towards my desk only to spy that the Tantus P-Spot was out of the box!! I was shocked, and to be completely honest a little annoyed! Here I was prepping myself to take this bad boy on, while he is leaking what looked to be at least a gallon of glory juice all over our freshly washed bed sheets! How dare he have bigger balls than me!!! How dare he steal my thunder!! But then, in the middle of my state of pissed-offness, I realized what he had accomplished, and thoughts of him with that big toy in his booty began to get my own juices flowing. It excited me to the point of near orgasm! You see, for the past couple of years I have been completely obsessed with his ass, and our quest to help him achieve that elusive "Super O".  Nothing gets my pussy purring more than watching him tremble in bliss.


 The Tantus P-Spot, also known as The Tantus G-Spot ( the same toy, one came without a bullet vibe when they first came out but both can be used on either sex) is one of those Dildo's that makes you want to write home about! It is "all that" and a bag of chips! Made of the most luxurious Platinum-cured Silicone that has this Silky, Soft Feel. It is completely non-porous and hypo-allergenic. You can bleach it, boil it and it is dishwasher safe! Unlike their other toys that have a "gloss" finish, this one has a fantastic matte finish, which happens to give it a little more drag since it has some texture. It also has a great wavy curve right about mid-shaft which sends extra waves of pleasure throughout your body and it has a nice thick rounded base that is easy to grip. There is a hole underneath the base to insert the included bullet vibe if you're in the mood to get buzzed! 

I adore the large bulbous head with the upwards curve. It felt amazing when my partner started to pop it in and out of my vagina! It's long length was a tad much for me, but I'm very petite, only measuring in at right around 5 feet total. For taller girls, the 7" length can be utilized better. This toy is quite aggressive and skillfully shaped. It is almost like it hones directly in on your Spot with perfect precision, whether your spot is a "G" or a "P"! Prepare to squirt my friend!

For the guys who are experienced with Prostate play, I would recommend warming up with something a little smaller first, because this toy can be quite challenging. But, once you're loosened and lubed up, you just can't beat the pleasure you will receive from this toy, it is unlike any other we have tried. You get a nice full feeling with direct, bold prostate stimulation. You are certain to hit spots you never knew you had!
This toy quickly jumped ranked in our collection and is now seated in the "use very often" section of our toybox!

A Big Thank you to Tantus for supplying us with this Toy in exchange for our honest opinion.

You can get your own Tantus P-Spot toy here

REVIEW: Pink Bob’s Kip’s Prostate Stimulator

Prostate Massaging, if you are not doing it, you should!
Prostate Cancer is the second most common cancer that is found in men, which is a pretty scary statistic. This use to be only a concern for older gentlemen, but now doctors are suggesting if you are 35 and up you need to be proactive in keeping your prostate healthy and fit. And if you are younger then just use the excuse that it just feels soo darn good! Yes, whether you want to admit it or not, massaging your love gland can bring you lots of pleasure! Ever heard of that elusive Super "O" ? If you haven't look it up NOW! Besides the possibility of having a mind blowing, out of body experience, prostate massaging will also increase your ability to last longer, no more embarrassing pre-ejac's, that alone should get you thinking about this wonderous gland! So what's a guy to do? Get you a Good Prostate Massager.
There are many brands on the market, some super pricey with a designer name and some are plain and simple "junk". Unfortunately, each man is different and you will need some trial and error in finding your favorites! And even worse, once you find that favorite it can change to a dud in the blink of an eye. So get you a nice storage box and prepare yourself for some exciting experimentations!

   Today I am reviewing a Prostate Simulator from Pink B.O.B. We have tried several of their products and have been pleased with all of them. This one is called "Kip's",  he is on the small side, but not tiny, and great for those just getting into massaging. Some advanced users may like him for warming up, he is very relaxing and perfect to start with.

    Made of body-safe silicone, it does not have any chemical smells and it is not at all sticky. I like very much that this is Super Smooth (not textured but does have some design lines), it is somewhat bendable, so it does have some give. The head has a slight upwards curve so it is easy to "fit into place" on your prostate. It also has 2 little ticklers which massage's the perineum (the place between your testicles and anus, also known as your love button). Easy ringed handle so putting this in and taking it out is a breeze. Just don't expect to get super strong pulses from this, it more like nice little flutters of joy. Can't say the Super O was accomplished with this toy, however, you never know what could happen in the future.

Highly recommend this for beginners, it is non-threatening, small and easy to use. Make sure you lube well and have fun with your adventure!

You can purchase Pink Bob's Kip from TooTimid