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Where are the tops that can get me some props? At Feel My Vibes of course. New to the collection are these delectable designs

Whose got the tops, to make your friends say "swaps?". Available in June, our Hinemoana "Shadow Edition" exudes a different aesthetic to our usual vibrant colour scheme's. But it is clear that the message remains the same. It's about having the confidence to be yourself and following your passions.

Based on our classic Hinemoana design, it is an un-coloured silhouette in a range of outline colours mixed with different hoodie base colours. Initially created so I could support my favourite sports teams (the picture below, black and yellow example made for my cities professional rugby team, the Wellington Hurricanes). 



These tops are bold, statement making wearable art pieces and we're excited to share them with you at the best prices we have ever negotiated. Follow our socials to catch our weekly product releases, discount code giveaways and sale dates for even more savings off your next purchase.

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